About Me

Ann Marie, Certified Training Associate at Sisterlocks, Sisterlocks Distributor, Certified Sisterlocks™ Image Consultant / "R" Certified (qualified to hold Re-tightening Classes) - specializing in sisterlocks™ 16 years. With my years of experience in hair care, I strive to offer my clients a positive atmosphere with all of their hair care needs. In the words of Dr. Cornwell, it's not just a hair style, but a lifestyle. A journey that many embark when choosing to embrace their natural hair. My own journey with natural hair began nearly 20 years ago, I began my sisterlocks™ journey in April of 2002 and have never looked back.

Going natural wasn't easy for me, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my hair. I completed a lot of research searching for my perfect match. While researching on the internet I stumbled upon the sisterlocks™ website. After having my locks installed I decided to take the sisterlocks course, practicing on my own hair, which I have maintained on my own for the past 16 years. After becoming certified as a consultant I installed sisterlocks™ part time as I continued working at a bank, slowly building my company. In the beginning of 2005 I ended my career as a bank attendant and have devoted all of my time to my own business, as a certified sisterlocks™ image consultant.

Currently located in the southwest Florida area, I invite anyone interested in brotherlocks, sisterlocks™ or Sisterlocks™ hair products to contact me.

My Services

Service Area:  South West Florida
Phone: 239-369-6860
Website: www.jamilahaircare.com  or  www.lillarose.biz/annmarieforrester
Email: jamilahair1@yahoo.com
Instagram: forresterannmarie
Facebook: facebook.com/annmarieforrester

Special Services
  • Service is By Appointment Only
  • Home Based Studio
  • Specializing in Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks
  • Establishments, maintenance, repairs ,troubleshooting & styling
  • Hair and Scalp Must Be Thoroughly Cleaned 24 Hours Prior to Appointment
  • Sisterlocks Specialty & Retightening Classes Available
  • Mentorships for Sisterlocks Trainees
  • Transfer Clients Accepted
  • Clean, Comfortable and Professional Environment
  • 24 Hour notice is required to cancel appointment to avoid $30 Cancellation Fee
  • Wi-Fi Available
  • Distributor of Sisterlocks® Products
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Training Completed:  July 2002
Certified Since:  July 2004
R-Certified Since: July 2011
Certified Training Associate (CTA) Since: 2012
Brand Ambassador Certified: June 2018